We are proud to introduce the undeniably delicious snack known as Country Pop! This wonderful puff corn drizzled with the Borden family’s secret caramel recipe is sure to melt in your mouth and keep you coming back for more. Family, friends, kids, students, musicians, athletes, actors, lawyers, veterinarians, teachers, preachers, doctors, nurses, and neighbors all around the world, for the past twenty years, have loved Country Pop.

Country Pop was born from the heart of my mom, Judy’s, kitchen.It all began when I, Jodi Joyce (co-founder of Country Pop), went off to college and my mom decided to send a treat in my monthly care package. Country Pop became so popular with my college friends and I that we would all but wait by the mailbox for our monthly ration! Every holiday brought more and more Country Pop requests and as my job began taking me all around the world, so went our little family caramel corn treat we now call Country Pop. Birthdays, Christmas party’s, graduations, you name it…Country Pop was there.
About 10 years ago I began working in the Country Music Industry in Nashville, TN. Of course I continued our family tradition of bringing gift bags of Country Pop for all sorts of occasions. I placed bags on tour buses throughout each holiday season, handed them out At music events and parties, and I watched, as Country Pop became the “must have” on the road. As soon as the holidays would roll around I would receive numerous calls from musicians, artists, and crew members for Mama Judy to cook up some Country Pop. As the years have gone by, I have made it a point to try any and all caramel corn products that I come across and inevitably I will still call home to tell my mom that I just can’t find one with a better taste than ours.
Which leads me to today. Over the twenty years that Country Pop has been gifted among friends, family, co-workers, etc., I have seen nothing but happiness and satisfaction in return. The question has always remained…”Where can I get some?” Well, I am here to introduce the world to our family’s number one snack …road tested…musician and public approved …our gift to you…. the one and only… Country Pop!